Cleveland Shearls has become a recognizable Chef in the South East region.
The charismatic chef has cooked for some notable NFL players such as Chris Hope, Cody Sensabaugh, & Brandon Harris just to name a few. He has had the pleasure of catering for some well-known Doctors, and the Personal Chef to Bishop Joseph W. Walker III Presiding Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Church International. In addition to his catering, meal prep, and personal chef services Chef Cleveland is very passionate about feeding the homeless and needy throughout Nashville. He is currently working to starting his own foundation call FEED THE CORNER. This foundation will help the homeless, struggling families, and the elderly that struggle with finding, providing, and putting food on the table daily.

Cleveland showed interest in cooking at an early age. He would always shadow his grandmother (Mildred) and Mother (Lannie) in the kitchen since he could remember. But, He did not really accept his calling until his senior year at The University Alabama A&M in Huntsville. After hosting several parties and simply making a full meal from a little of nothing for friends and himself, Cleveland could not deny culinary arts was his calling. From there he enrolled into The International Culinary School at The Art Institute Nashville and broadened his knowledge of food.

Upon graduating Cleveland became known for being one of very few to enter the industry straight out of culinary school as a Sous Chef. He has worked under some well-known chefs in Nashville at the Heritage at Brentwood, The Fontanel Mansion, and helped to set the foundation for City Winery as it broke ground in Nashville. Cleveland had already started catering small events during his time at The City Winey when he realized it was time for him to step out on faith. The Lost Spoon launched in 2014. Chef Cleveland currently resides in Nashville where you will find him spending most of his time enjoying life with his family or fishing when he is not working.